Trimarc reviews your Microsoft Cloud environment (Azure AD & Office 365) and provides prioritized, actionable recommendations

The Trimarc Microsoft Cloud Security Assessment (MCSA) engagement involves the analysis of the current Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 & Azure AD) configuration with specific focus on Administration, Logging, and Security Controls.
The Trimarc MCSA reviews your Microsoft Cloud tenant and identifies potential issues attackers could exploit. We analyze the configuration of your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Office 365, Exchange Online environment and provide custom recommendations to better leverage features and controls available with existing Microsoft Cloud subscriptions as well as others that are available.


The Trimarc MCSA specifically focuses on the security configuration of Office 365 components and Azure AD. Trimarc reviews the existing customer Microsoft cloud configuration using a proprietary Trimarc toolset and the Microsoft cloud portal website consoles. 

Trimarc identifies the Microsoft cloud subscription levels for the customer, discovers the security controls available for those subscriptions, and provides recommended configurations of these available security controls. Additionally, we provide guidance for additional security controls that may not be part of the existing subscription level along with the benefits and approximate cost (based on Microsoft published pricing).

Management and access of the Microsoft cloud environment is a key component of the assessment. Trimarc reviews privileged groups and accounts as well as how users and admins access the environment and associated resources. 
The Trimarc MCSA involves review, analysis, and custom recommendations of the following:

  • Current configuration

  • Administration

  • Role group membership

  • Audit logging and alerting configuration

  • Security controls

  • Microsoft Cloud services

    • Azure Active Directory​

    • Exchange Online

    • Office 365 configuration



  • Review of the current configuration compared to Trimarc best practices. This includes custom recommendations meant to help improve the security posture of the cloud environment.

  • Trimarc provides recommendations on how best to leverage existing Microsoft cloud subscriptions as well as additional beneficial security controls available with other service subscriptions (as appropriate).

  • Administration review provides guidance around how the environment is currently managed as well as more secure administration recommendations.

  • Auditing and logging configuration review and analysis provides a comparison of the existing logging configuration to best practices. 


Sample Microsoft Cloud Security Assessment report outline

  • Executive Summary

  • Customer Microsoft Cloud Architecture & Configuration

  • Subscriptions

    • Current Subscription Features & Configuration

    • Potential Subscription Benefits

  • Federation Configuration

  • Authentication Flow

  • On-Prem Hybrid Configuration

  • Administration 

    • Office 365 Role Group Membership

  • Security Controls

    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    • Conditional Access

  • Exchange Online​

  • Auditing Configuration, Logging, & Alerting

    • Office 365 Logging

    • Azure AD Logging

    • Additional Logging & Alerting Configuration

  • Trimarc Recommended Best Practices