Trimarc’s Security Solutions Improve Enterprise Security & Mitigate Modern Attack Methods

Trimarc was founded by Sean Metcalf, a Microsoft Certified Master in Active Directory, to help organizations better secure their Microsoft platform, specifically on-premises Active Directory (AD) and the Microsoft cloud environment (Azure AD & Office 365). Collectively, our team has decades of systems engineering experience in enterprise environments combined with security vision and know-how, and this expertise more quickly and effectively improves the security posture of our customers.

Trimarc Expertise


Trimarc provides leading expertise in security solutions including security reviews, strategy, architecture, and implementation. Our methodology leverages our internal research and custom tooling which better discovers multiple security issues attackers could exploit to compromise the environment. Trimarc security services fit between traditional compliance/audit reviews and standard penetration testing/red teaming engagements, providing deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, typical security issues and misconfigurations, and provide recommendations based on our own best practices custom-tailored to balance operational and security challenges.


From Active Directory to the Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 & Azure AD) to VMware, Trimarc has the knowledge and expertise to help improve your security posture. Our focus on the systems that enable today’s business positions us to effectively assess and improve enterprise security.


  • Active Directory

  • Microsoft Cloud (Azure AD, Microsoft Office 365, and Exchange Online)

  • Virtual Infrastructure (VMware)

Trimarc provides security solutions including strategy, architecture, tactical implementations, and long-term maintenance. In addition, we perform renowned security research that has helped drive the implementation of effective protection measures for organizations reliant on Microsoft technologies.

Trimarc works on continuously developing defensive strategies to combat evolving attack techniques. We focus on defensive layers within the enterprise – while any single defense may fail, there are others that compensate for this and provide additional detection and/or mitigation for that area.



Trimarc Services

Trimarc provides customized solutions developed to help you secure your environment. We focus on helping you better leverage existing technology investments to improve enterprise security posture.


Our primary service offerings focus on reviewing and improving the security of your Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Office 365) environments. Key to this is ensuring that any security recommendations we provide align with your business process and requirements. Trimarc works with you as a Trusted Adviser in improving your enterprise security.


Trimarc’s Active Directory security review and assessment scans the AD environment shining a light on the dark, forgotten corners and unravels the spider-web of permissions collected over many years. We identify multiple potential AD escalation paths and provide recommendations that are actionable, prioritized, and customized to the environment so they can be implemented more quickly (and phased in over time) to effectively mitigate them. Our reporting methodology and approach provide clear paths to resolution and most of the critical issues we discover in our customer environments are resolved in days to weeks, not years.


Furthermore, we work with both Red and Blue teams and perform offensive & defensive research, which provides us unique understanding and experience in how organizations are typically attacked and provide insight into the best defensive tactics.

Trimarc has a variety of security solutions customized to meet each organization’s security needs and concerns. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you!


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Trimarc Founder Sean Metcalf to keynote:


August 28 & 29, 2021

Fairmont Chicago

Trimarc is also sponsoring BlueTeamCon


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Keynote Information:

Into the Blue

This talk kicks off the first ever BlueTeamCon in 2021 and explores several common information security concepts and themes.

Key Topics:

"Defender's Dilemma" - do defenders have to be right 100% of the time? (no, watch this talk for the reasons why).

Why Blue & Red are effectively 2 sides of the same coin & why we are all on the "Blue Team".

Big wins matter - how focusing on big wins can improve security exponentially.

Security doesn't need 100% solutions.

Fundamental security items tend to matter most.

So, whether you are part of a Blue Team, Red Team, Purple Team, or another team, join me on this journey Into the Blue…


“We hired Trimarc to perform an AD security assessment.  They provided a comprehensive report on our Active Directory environment highlighting issues and concerns, but more importantly provided detailed recommendations which were useful in resolving them. 
It can be difficult to find quality services in the security realm, so I really appreciate Trimarc’s professionalism, expertise, and passion.” 


—  Michael B.
(Charitable Organization)