Trimarc reviews your Active Directory environment and provides prioritized, actionable recommendations

Trimarc’s focus on Active Directory (AD) and Windows platform security means we are uniquely positioned to improve enterprise security. We work with a wide range of customers from government to private companies to educational institutions and have evaluated their Active Directory security posture and provided security recommendations and solutions. We also implemented these recommendations which greatly improved system security.


Active Directory Security Review

The "Active Directory Security Review" (ADSR) is a lighter version of our Active Directory Security Assessment for small, single domain forests and is focused on the most common AD security issues.

The ADSR is not as in depth or comprehensive as our Active Directory Security Assessment offering and ADSR engagement timeline is 2 weeks (vs 4 to 6 weeks for the ADSA).

In order to perform the ADSR, Trimarc doesn’t require corporate network access. Instead, we provide a PowerShell script to export key AD data which can be uploaded to the Trimarc Secure Portal (where all data is encrypted at upload and remains encrypted).
The ADSR is performed completely offline; no corporate network access required.

Trimarc's new Active Directory Security Review is launching Fall 2020, initially for non-profits and Merger & Acquisition (M&A) scenarios.

Trimarc Active Directory Security Review Components:

  • Security review of the single domain Active Directory forest.

  • Active Directory forest and domain configuration. This includes evaluating the current Domain and Forest functional levels and identification of security enhancements in the current and higher levels.

  • Active Directory security misconfigurations are highlighted and recommended remediation/mitigation is provided.

  • Active Directory trust configuration and security.

  • Active Directory administration groups. This includes Enterprise Admins, Administrators, Domain Admins, custom delegation groups, and others as identified. Groups with logon rights to Domain Controllers are scrutinized and membership is expanded to gain a complete picture of the Active Directory administrators.

  • Group Policy security configuration for Domain Controllers.

  • Permissions for all Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are reviewed.

  • Service Accounts with elevated permissions. Identification of Kerberos enabled services and their associated service accounts. Special focus on service accounts with domain-level admin rights.

  • Identify Domain Controller auditing configuration and provide recommendations for Domain Controller auditing.

Comparison of Trimarc's ADSR vs ADSA

  • ADSR focuses on smaller organizations with a single domain AD forest and limited to the most important Active Directory security issues.

  • ADSR is 2 weeks long from engagement start to final report delivery while the ADSA typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

  • The ADSR does not include the same level of review for Active Directory permissions, group policy settings, and Domain Controller configuration.